Department of Public Works is not back to full staff. Each employee is assigned his own vehicle and social distancing, when the work does not allow it, is strongly recommended.

Borough Hall – Administrative Staff is still working 1/2 staff in the office for 2 weeks while the other 1/2 staff works from home. Thanks to technology, this has been working well. If any paperwork is required (zoning, large trash item stickers …) people can call and make an appointment and someone will meet them at the door. Masks are required by both parties.

Payments are made via check through an existing mailslot in the front door. The Borough is the process of installing a professional lockbox near the front door for all correspondence. All incoming mail (US Post Office or from the Public) is sanitized with a UV light before going into the office.

Borough Hall staff is TENTATIVELY planned to be at ‘full staff’ no later than June 15th. The public will be allowed in on a one by one basis TENTATIVELY planned for the first week of August. Plexiglass windows will provide a barrier between the public and Borough employees. Six foot separation markers will be installed to help with social distancing. NO MASK, NO ENTRY will be the rule until further notice.

Police Department – The current schedule was designed to provide the maximum protection from possibly spreading the virus is one officer gets sick. To date, all 13 PD employes and support staff are healthy.

Chief Blesson is currently determining when his department will go back to their normal schedules.

As of May 28th, the County is reporting there are 29 confirmed covid-19 cases in Netcong. This number has been consistent over the last 10 days.

Netcong Food Bank as of May 28th

Families coming for food 317

Total bags of food handed out 332

Tues and Thurs 9AM – 1PM. Currently testing a 2 hr block on Friday evening.

We hand out masks to those who show up without one because our policy is