Does everyone in the SID have to pay the assessment?

Yes everyone in the designated area of the Special Improvement District (SID) is subject to the special assessment. Through the ordinance and by-laws of the organization commercial properties can be exempted.

Are all SIDs/BIDs the same?

No, all Special Improvement Districts/Business Improvement Districts (SIDs/BIDs) are not the same. Typically, a SID/BID is initiated by stakeholders (business/ property owners) with the support of the local community and in partnership with municipal government to address the unique needs of that business district. The structure of a SID/BID (goals, membership, Officers, district boundaries, conduct of business, etc.) can vary in both the Legislative Ordinance creating the SID/BID and the organizations By-Laws. The most common difference between SIDs/BIDs is revenue stream – special assessment, grants, sponsorships, etc. Budgets vary according to the funding sources.

Does the Netcong Community Partnership only represent the Business Improvement District?

Yes. The organization, funded by the special assessment, is an advocate for all members of the Netcong business district.

Who manages the Netcong Community Partnership?

The management of the NCP is a collaborative effort of the Board of Trustees and the part time executive director.

Why does the downtown need coordinated management and marketing services?

– Suburban properties, including office parks and shopping malls are developed, managed and marketed by a single ownership group or management company.

– Ownership of downtown buildings and land is divided among hundreds of individuals and companies with no coordinated management to advocate their interests.

– This situation makes it difficult to accomplish such tasks as:
• Providing enhanced safety patrols
• Promoting downtown as a destination
• Gathering and dissemination pertinent data on the downtown’s progress.

– Property owners working together and collaboration on initiatives for mutual benefit can easily overcome such obstacles.

What kinds of programs and services do SID/BID fund?

Special Improvement Districts/Business Improvement Districts (SIDs/BIDs) provide targeted services that could include:
• Security
• Landscaping
• Façade improvements
• Advertising or marketing
• Sanitation services
• Publicity for the district and the businesses
• Recruitment of new businesses to fill vacancies and to balance the business mix
• Organize special events in the district
• Provide special parking arrangements for the district
• Provide temporary decorative lighting in the district

What is a Special Improvement District (SID) / Business Improvement District (BID)?

• A SID/BID is a professionally managed commercial and specifically defined area focused on the creation of economic and employment growth of said area.

• A SID/BID provides services through the framework of a District Management Corporation guided by a Board of Trustees.

• The areas of focus for each SID/BID vary depending on the needs of the commercial district.

• A SID/BID can provide security, advertising/marketing, sanitation, landscaping improvements, façade improvements, recruitment and retention and the organization of special events.

• The most successful SIDs/BIDs are those that are able to create a collaborative effort between business owners, property owners, government leaders and residents.