Hi everyone. As you may have heard the municipal building is closed to the public. We are conducting business via telephone and email.

A subject that is germane to the NCP is our local restaurants and food establishments. Later this afternoon Chief Blesson and I will be distributing information packets to each food base establishment that explains the rules and regulations outlined in the Governor’s Executive Order. We will post this on social media and the Borough’s web site, but here is a preview:

  1. Food establishments can remain open during their normal business hours, but for pick up and/or delivery orders only. No table service is allowed. There was some initial confusion that food establishments were to close at 8 PM and not allowed to be reopened until 5 AM. This is not a condition for food establishments.
  2. Liquor sales at bars are limited to their original container (bottle or can) sold from the principal barroom. This means no mixed drinks, or drinks at the bar or table service for alcohol.
  3. The Mount Olive Health Department and the Borough enforcement officials, including Police and Zoning, are empowered to enforce Executive Order #104.
  4. We are recommending that one way to mitigate the loss of income is to sell gift certificates/gift cards.
  5. When we get the final version we will realease it.

Ralph Blakeslee, RMC, MPA, CMC
Borough Administrator/Zoning Officer
Borough of Netcong