Vana Laser Club

1800 Bay Road #102
305 6476225

If you are looking for clubs for Laser Treatment, Miami, then Vana Laser Club is the place to be. From Laser Treatments and Laser Hair removal, to Body Services, tattoo removal, chemical peels and salt booth, we provide it all. For more details, please reach us at or call us at 305-763-8330 to book a quick appointment.

Both men and women suffer from the excessive hair on the body parts which sometime become unhygienic. People choose to wax or tweeze or shave the hair on these parts. However, shaving is not a gentle way, and even a smooth skin may become harsh with these hair removal processes. You should consult a doctor, or you should visit any trusted hair care for laser hair removal Miami permanently.
Most of the people don't like excessively grown body hair and the excessive hair may cause itching because of the bacteria. Instead of shaving every week, it's better to remove the body hair to get rid of itching and bacteria.

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