To have a medical process, there is nothing difficult and also this process can be performed easily without the presence of the clinic. This process can be easily conducted with the help of pills and also those pills are FDA approved. Women buy Abortion Pill online and follow all the instructions which help you terminate the pregnancy. The medical abortion can be performed easily at home corners and also the utmost care can be taken so that the termination can be conducted including all the process.

Surgical termination requires the clinic and doctors to get the surgical suction of fetus done. Surgical termination also requires the instruments so that the fetus is being evicted from the body. Medical termination is easy to perform and also do not require anyone’s assessment. This process can be easily performed if your gestation period is not more than 8 weeks. There are many of the regions wherein the clinics or medical expert are not available and women need to fly far regions to get the procedure done.

Administration of the pills:

MTP kit contains Mifepristone and Misoprostol pill which helps women to terminate the pregnancy safely.

First, you need to administrate Mifepristone pill:

Mifepristone is an anti-progesterone pill which needs to be gulped down with the help of water. The women who use this abortion pill for termination does not experience any typical changes. After using this pill woman may bleed as the lining of the uterus break due to Mifepristone pill. After using Mifepristone pill form MTP kit you may bleed and it is not abnormal to bleed. After consuming this pill, you need to continue with the further process.

The second pill should be administrated after 24 hours:

After 24 hours you need to consume Misoprostol pill form MTP kit and this abortion pill can be used two ways.


In this method, you need to keep these pills in cheek pouches and let them remain for half an hour and gulp all the remainders after 30 minutes.


The vaginal method has to be performed carefully by inserting the placing the four pills into the vagina. You also need to make sure that you do not urinate for half an hour after placing these pills in the vagina.

Symptoms of pregnancy termination:

After using MTP kit online you can have bleeding, cramping and clotting and these symptoms may start after using Misoprostol pill. The other serious and rare side effects that you can experience are nausea, vomiting, fatigue, and diarrhea which require treatment if they get severe. These side effects of MTP kit pills are not long-term and also, they do not have any effect on your fertility.


There are many of the pills that interact with this termination pill and hence you are suggesting that you do avoid the use of pills that interact. Consuming alcohol and smoke can reduce the effectiveness of the pill or may result in negative effects and hence you are suggested to avoid the use. Make sure that you use sanitary pads and also do not indulge in any of the activity which adds pressure on your lower abdomen.