Governor Murphy Announces Main Street Commercial Corridors Relief
LONG BRANCH – Governor Phil Murphy announced a new relief program for small businesses impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Small Business Lease – Emergency Assistance Grant Program (SBL-EAGP) will allow businesses in 64 eligible municipalities to apply for grants of up to $10,000 for lease costs. The program will assist small business owners impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, which also assists landlords, many of whom are also small businesses.
“We are committed to helping small businesses across our state survive this unprecedented crisis,” said Governor Murphy. “A stronger and fairer New Jersey starts from the bottom up. The Small Business Lease – Emergency Assistance Grant Program will infuse much-needed funding into local economies by assisting both small businesses and the landlords that they rent from.”
“The Small Business Lease Emergency Grant Assistance Program is directly geared toward keeping the mom-and-pop shops on main streets and business centers afloat in this time of need, specifically in our most vulnerable communities in New Jersey,” said Lt. Governor Sheila Oliver, who serves as Commissioner of the Department of Community Affairs and Board Chair of the New Jersey Redevelopment Authority. “Governor Murphy and I remain as committed as ever to supporting New Jersey’s small businesses and this new lease program will work hand-in-hand with other state assistance programs to help them emerge from this crisis stronger.”
“I am enormously proud to stand with Governor Murphy today to announce the New Jersey Redevelopment Authority Small Business Lease Emergency Assistance Grant Program. At NJRA, impact is and has always been our primary objective. And our number one priority is our state’s most vulnerable communities and neighborhoods. Not only do we invest in the communities that need it the most, but we’re there first in the areas that are often overlooked by traditional lenders. Right now New Jersey’s small and micro-businesses, particularly those in economically challenged communities, are bearing the brunt of our nation’s health and economic crisis. These businesses deliver value and stability to our state, and yet, struggle to access capital. Today, we’re proud to be there with the Governor to offer these businesses both rental relief grants and support accessing them,” explained Leslie Anderson, President and CEO of the New Jersey Redevelopment Authority.
The SBL-EAGP, managed by the New Jersey Redevelopment Authority (NJRA), is the first component of a broader Main Street Commercial Corridors Relief Package to be paid for with federal CARES Act funding. Through the SBL-EAGP, small businesses located in NJRA’s 64 eligible municipalities that have been adversely impacted by COVID-19 will be able to apply for up to $10,000 to assist with lease payments. It will provide grants to:
  • Tenants leasing commercial space in mixed-use buildings
  • Tenants leasing space in commercial buildings
  • Tenants leasing space to operate a storefront business
The program will be targeted to businesses with 5,000 square feet of leased space or less, and is requiring standard debarment and legal qualifications from applying businesses. Applications will open August 10, 2020, online, and funds will be distributed on a first come first served basis. $6 million in federal CARES Act funding will be allocated for this program.
Netcong Borough COVID-19 Update June 1 2020

Department of Public Works is not back to full staff. Each employee is assigned his own vehicle and social distancing, when the work does not allow it, is strongly recommended.

Borough Hall – Administrative Staff is still working 1/2 staff in the office for 2 weeks while the other 1/2 staff works from home. Thanks to technology, this has been working well. If any paperwork is required (zoning, large trash item stickers …) people can call and make an appointment and someone will meet them at the door. Masks are required by both parties.

Payments are made via check through an existing mailslot in the front door. The Borough is the process of installing a professional lockbox near the front door for all correspondence. All incoming mail (US Post Office or from the Public) is sanitized with a UV light before going into the office.

Borough Hall staff is TENTATIVELY planned to be at ‘full staff’ no later than June 15th. The public will be allowed in on a one by one basis TENTATIVELY planned for the first week of August. Plexiglass windows will provide a barrier between the public and Borough employees. Six foot separation markers will be installed to help with social distancing. NO MASK, NO ENTRY will be the rule until further notice.

Police Department – The current schedule was designed to provide the maximum protection from possibly spreading the virus is one officer gets sick. To date, all 13 PD employes and support staff are healthy.

Chief Blesson is currently determining when his department will go back to their normal schedules.

As of May 28th, the County is reporting there are 29 confirmed covid-19 cases in Netcong. This number has been consistent over the last 10 days.

Netcong Food Bank as of May 28th

Families coming for food 317

Total bags of food handed out 332

Tues and Thurs 9AM – 1PM. Currently testing a 2 hr block on Friday evening.

We hand out masks to those who show up without one because our policy is


Spread the word! The Netcong Borough Emergency Food Bank

The Netcong Borough Emergency Food Bank is open on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 9am to Noon in the Boro Hall Parking Lot. No ID is required. Please wear a mask.

Se Habla Espanol. La Despensa de Alimentos estará abierta todos los martes y jueves desde las 9 de la mañana hasta las 12 del mediodía.

With today’s rainy weather there are tents for cover.

You are only asked 2 questions:
How many in your family?
How many children?

Masks will be provided for anyone who does not have one.

The food trailer has been and will continue to be sterilized after each distribution and major restocking.

Last Tuesday at least 60 households representing over 180 people were provided assistance. Thank you to all the people and organizations who provided donations and to all of the volunteers who worked many hours.

Additional mask donations are needed. If you can help make masks, please visit for more information.

#FoodBank #COVID19 #facemaskforeveryone #SocialDistancing


Despensa de alimentos de emergencia en Netcong Borough

La Despensa de Alimentos en Netcong Borough estará abierta todos los martes y jueves desde las 9 de la mañana hasta las 12 del mediodía. Ubicado en el estacionamiento de la alcaldía (Boro Hall).

No se requiere identificación.

Por favor use una máscara. Si no tiene una máscara, se le proporcionará una máscara.

Solo se le harán 2 preguntas:
¿Cuántas personas en su familia?
¿Cuántos niños en su familia?

La despensa de alimentos ha sido y seguirá siendo esterilizada después de cada distribución y reabastecimiento significativo.


Emergency Food Bank Letter


JAMES BLESSON CHIEF OF POLICE TEL: 973.347.7307 x 124 FAX: 973.347.5661 (FAX)

As we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic together, one thing is clear: The Netcong Borough Police Department, the Skylands Rotary, the Netcong Community Partnership the Borough of Netcong and the Netcong Education Foundation “We are all in this together and we’ll be here for as long as we’re needed”. A trailer has been placed in front of the Netcong Borough Police Department to collect all types of food for our community.

How You Can Help:

DONATE: The impact of COVID-19 is increasing food insecurity in our community. Your support ensures the Netcong Borough Community Food Bank is able to respond quickly to temporary emergencies such as this. If you would like to help, please consider any type of dry foods, water, paper products and canned goods. A plastic container will be placed in front of the Netcong Borough Police Department as a drop off before being placed in the trailer for storage. Or if you wish to donate with a check please make it payable to the following Skylands Rotary Foundation, a collection portal for financial donations will be located at Netcong Borough Hall after hours mail slot. With your donation shopping will be done and all items and food donations will be distributed to needy families and our seniors in the community.

Items will be distributed by appointment only and delivery may be available to your residence. Please contact 973-214-5338 during 8:30 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.

Safety Precautions

The health and safety of the entire community is paramount
We are following all guidelines and additional recommendations to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and taking additional steps to communicate with all of our volunteer’s other partners during this extremely difficult time. All dry food donations with be safely decontaminated.


20 Items Food Banks Need the Most (and 3 Things to Skip)

1. Applesauce. Plastic jars of unsweetened applesauce provide a quick snack, fiber and vitamin C. Applesauce also keeps well on food bank shelves.
2. Canned Beans. Loaded with protein and fiber, canned beans provide an excellent, nutritious way to fill a hungry tummy. Opt for the low-sodium varieties whenever possible.
3. Canned Chicken, It’s simple to toss this non-perishable item into soups and casseroles or add it to a sandwich or cracker. Its versatility and high protein content make it a popular item at food banks.
4. Canned Fish (Tuna and Salmon). Canned fish has vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids and protein, and it makes for a quick and easy meal. Food banks are most in need of canned tuna and salmon.
5. Canned Meat (SPAM and Ham). Grab some SPAM or canned ham and drop it into a food donation bin. It’s shelf-stable, doesn’t require much prep or equipment to eat, and delivers a quick hit of protein to keep individuals feeling full for longer.
6. Canned Vegetables. Colorful, nutrient-dense and fiber-rich vegetables are always in high demand, and canned varieties last the longest on a food bank’s shelves. Look for low-sodium options. Food banks often hand out recipes using the items they have. Consider including this recipe for a hearty casserole made with canned veggies along with your donation for the food pantry to share.
7. Cooking Oils (Olive and Canola). Food banks rely heavily on these essential and pricier items being donated. Canola and olive oils are the best choices because of their monounsaturated fats and mild flavor. Our guide to cooking oils can help make sure you’re buying the healthiest options.
8. Crackers. Perfect as a snack or as a base for canned meats, crackers are shelf-stable and portable, making them ideal for snacks and lunches. Whole grain crackers are the best bet.
9. Dried Herbs and Spices. It’s hard to cook a tasty meal without herbs and spices, so drop some in your cart to donate. Stick to the basics, like oregano, basil, cumin, pepper, rosemary, thyme and cinnamon.
10. Fruit (Canned or Dried). Fruit, whether dried, canned or in plastic cups, makes excellent snacks for kids and adults and provide some nutrition and fiber. Choose those that are packed in water or fruit juice rather than sugary syrups.
11. Granola Bars. Food banks are always in need of quick and easy items that families can toss into lunches or eat on the go, and granola bars are just the thing, Look for ones with less sugar made with oats or other whole grains.
12. Instant Mashed Potatoes. Instant potatoes last longer and require minimal tools and ingredients to whip up. They’re also a favorite of every age group, making them a popular item. Pass on this recipe for instant potatoes jazzed up with garlic powder for the food bank to share with its visitors (and send along some garlic powder too).
13. Meals in a Box. An entire meal that’s shelf-stable and in one package-dinner doesn’t get easier than that, which is plus for those without stocked kitchens. Look for pasta, rice and soup kits, especially those that are lower in sodium and higher in fiber and protein.

20 Items Food Banks Need the Most (and 3 Things to Skip)

14. Nuts. A handful of nuts provides protein and nutrients in a hurry and is perfect for snacks and funches. Food banks have a hard time finding them due to their higher price, so donations are essential. Opt for unsalted varieties when possible.
15. Pasta. This is a food bank staple since it’s easy to turn into a meal. Whole grain varieties offer more fiber and nutrition than white pasta.
16. Peanut Butter. Kids and adults like it, and it’s high in protein, making peanut butter one of the most popular items at food banks. Look for varieties that are lower in sugar, and check out our editors’ list of the best tasting picks.
17. Rice, It’s filling, versatile and easy to prepare and store. Skip the white stuff and donate brown rice when possible, because it provides more fiber. Quinoa is also a great item to donate,
18. Shelf-stable and Powdered Milk. Because no fridge is required to keep this milk fresh, it’s accessible for everyone. Plus, it provides much-needed calcium and protein.
19. Soup, Stew and Chili. These canned or packaged items acts as a warm and filling lunch or dinner and often come complete with protein (meat) and veggies. If possible, try to find reduced sodium options,
20. Whole Grain Cereal. Here’s another popular item with all ages, since whole grain cereal makes a healthy breakfast or snack. Select varieties that are low in sugar and high in fiber.

And three to skip?
When purchasing items for a food bank, try to avoid:
1. junk food 2. items with glass or cellophane packaging, which can be broken in transit 3. things that need can openers or special equipment (pop-top cans-whether for veggies, meat or fruit-are a plus)

ShopRite is changing store hours & Limiting Amount of Customers in the Store

Hey Netcong Borough. Please be aware, Starting on Friday, 4.3.2020, ShopRite is changing store hours to 8am-8pm Monday-Saturday. Our Sunday hours of 8am-7pm will remain the same. This will allow us to focus on cleaning, product replenishment, and the well-being of our valued associates. Thank you for your understanding as we go through this time together.

Limiting Amount of Customers in the Store: In an effort to adhere to proper social distancing practices and for the safety of our customers and associates, the ShopRite of Netcong will begin limiting the number of customers allowed in the store at one time.

How will this work?
• We will close all entrances except one. A security guard will be assigned to the entrance and exit to track the number of customers entering and leaving the store.
• When the store opens, the guard will allow customers into the building, counting them along the way.
• Once the store is at capacity, we will ask the remaining customers to please wait in the designated line until they are called to enter the store.

Please be patient and kind to one another as we put this new procedure in place. We appreciate your understanding in helping us keep everyone in the community safe!

Small Business Resource Guide from Congressman Malinowski.
This guide provides information about assistance that is available today, such as Economic Injury Disaster Loans, as well as information about other major programs and initiatives that will soon be available from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).
Click here to read guide

Volunteers with qualified medical training and experience needed.
Learn More


Hi everyone. As you may have heard the municipal building is closed to the public. We are conducting business via telephone and email.

A subject that is germane to the NCP is our local restaurants and food establishments. Later this afternoon Chief Blesson and I will be distributing information packets to each food base establishment that explains the rules and regulations outlined in the Governor’s Executive Order. We will post this on social media and the Borough’s web site, but here is a preview:

  1. Food establishments can remain open during their normal business hours, but for pick up and/or delivery orders only. No table service is allowed. There was some initial confusion that food establishments were to close at 8 PM and not allowed to be reopened until 5 AM. This is not a condition for food establishments.
  2. Liquor sales at bars are limited to their original container (bottle or can) sold from the principal barroom. This means no mixed drinks, or drinks at the bar or table service for alcohol.
  3. The Mount Olive Health Department and the Borough enforcement officials, including Police and Zoning, are empowered to enforce Executive Order #104.
  4. We are recommending that one way to mitigate the loss of income is to sell gift certificates/gift cards.
  5. When we get the final version we will realease it.

    Ralph Blakeslee, RMC, MPA, CMC
    Borough Administrator/Zoning Officer
    Borough of Netcong

State of New Jersey COVID-19 Jobs and Hiring Portal

Did you lose your job or have your hours reduced as a result of COVID-19? Businesses across New Jersey need thousands of workers for immediate hire. Learn more about who is hiring in your community.

Need help finding a job that’s a good fit for you? You can enter some key terms into the search box that will help narrow down the list. You can type in the type of job(s) you’re interested in (for example: Home Health Aide, Cashier, Delivery Driver). You can also type in your town or county to see some places hiring near you. If you’re looking to work for a specific company, type their name in the search box.

Employers in critical industries should submit information about openings with urgent hiring needs related to COVID19 at

465 employers have posted more than 43,000 jobs!

See the jobs


Home Supplies and Products
The 99cents store located at 51 Main street, Netcong NJ has Toilet Paper, Bounty, and some cleaning supplies in stock. If you’re in need then stop by 

Netcong Borough restaurants are offering take out and some have delivery as well. Be sure to call well-ahead of time to place orders.  Essential businesses like grocery stores, pharmacies and gas stations will remain open. Please be patient and kind (online and in-person) as we all get through these uncertain times together. Stay safe and healthy everyone!

Hungry? NetconG KitchenS are Open!

Enjoy the Convenience of Netcong Eatery’s Take Out or Order in – call ahead

Carmine’s Pizza and Restaurant

75 Main St
+1 973-347-5806

Rose’s Place

4 Allen St
+1 973-347-5355

Cluck U Chicken

81 Main Street
+1 862-254-2525

Johnny Jr.’s Pizza

4 Main Street
+1 973-527-4404

Yangtze Kitchen

69 Main Street
+1 973-347-9167

Bistro 46

136 Main St
+1 862-254-2244

Village Place Market

33 Allen Street
+1 973-347-0057

Dunkin Donuts

10 Route 46 & Route 183
+1 973-919-8974

Polo’s Bar and Grill

50 NJ-183
+1 973-527-7887

Quick Chek

70 Main Street

Pizza Express

70 Main St

Ron’s Landmark

85 Main Street
+1 973-347-9853

A-Nets Pub

100 Stoll Street
+1 973-347-4777

Don Jose Mexican

124 Route 46
+1 973-527-7330

Emergency Child Care

The coronavirus public health crisis that we are facing has presented a number of child care issues for those New Jersey residents who are defined as “essential.” Under Governor Murphy’s Executive Order No. 110, child care centers that want to remain open for emergency child care for essential workers had to apply to do so, and all other of the state’s child care centers were closed on April 1, 2020. A number of centers have applied to remain open for the critical work of serving the child care needs of essential employees. In addition, family child care programs do not fall under the Executive Order and can continue to operate.

As part of the emergency, the state is launching an Emergency Child Care Assistance Program (ECCAP) to help support child care costs when a parent or guardian is an essential employee, regardless of your income. The Department of Human Services’ Division of Family Development will administer the program.

If you are an “essential” employee needing child care, you must register with the Department’s county-based Child Care Resource and Referral (CCR&R) Agencies. “Essential” employees who are normally eligible for the Child Care Subsidy Program must enroll in the ECCAP to continue receiving child care services. Your CCR&R will follow-up with you within two business days to gather additional information about you and your needs and help you identify a child care provider.

Stepping Stones Montessori School in Netcong will be open as an emergency daycare. Serving children 0 to 13 yrs old.

Guidance for Approved Emergency Child Care Assistance Providers

  • Health care workers, including staff working in health care facilities and in community-based services including home health and behavioral health; 
  • Law enforcement personnel, fire and emergency services personnel, and correctional facility staff; 
  • Individuals employed at emergency child care centers operating on or after April 1, 2020;  
  • Staff working for entities that provide essential social services, including, but not limited to, group home and shelter staff; 
  • Essential government employees who are unable to work from home, including child protection services workers, child welfare workers, foster care workers, unemployment compensation processing staff, and public health employees; and,
  • Certain critical workers, as defined by the Commissioner of DCF, at essential retail businesses, as defined in Executive Order No. 107 (2020) and subsequent Administrative Orders, which includes, for example, grocery store and gas station employees.
If you currently receive child care assistance under the state’s Child Care Subsidy Program or are eligible for it, your child care costs will be fully covered by the state. To give you a sense of whether you would be eligible for the Child Care Subsidy Program, the income maximum for a family of four is $52,400 annually. Use our calculator to see if you are likely to be eligible or visit our parent page to learn more about this program.

For all other families, the Emergency Child Care Assistance Program is now available. Under this program, the state will pay the following rates and you will be responsible for the difference between that and what the child care center is charging. What the child care center can charge you is subject to limits based on the center in which you enroll. Tuition for center services, including Emergency Child Care Assistance, cannot exceed 110% of the rate the center charged in February 2020.

Below is how much the state will pay per week for one child.
INFANT             $450.35
TODDLER         $415.70
PRESCHOOL   $415.70
SCHOOL-AGE  $336.00

How long will the state pay for child care?

The state is committed to paying for child care in this way through the end of April and will revisit the situation at that time as we get additional information about federal resources to address this critical need.

  • If you meet the definition of an essential employee and have child care needs, register here
  • You will be contacted by one of the state’s Child Care Resource and Referral (CCR&R) Agencies within two business days. Your CCR&R will follow up on next steps to gather information about your household and help you identify a participating child care provider.   
  • If your child is currently enrolled in a center that is now serving as an emergency child care center, you can continue to utilize its services while your application is pending. 
  • If you are income-eligible for the state Child Care Subsidy Program, the CRR&R will use the information you provide to establish that you are an essential employee and help enroll you in the Child Care Subsidy program, which will provide a child care subsidy that will be considered payment in full.
  • For all other families, the CCR&R will use the information you provide to establish that you are an essential employee, enroll you in Emergency Child Care Assistance, and to ensure that the center is paid the state portion for April.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources for Employers

Employer Action Items

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) requires that employers maintain a safe workplace.

Coronavirus "Top Takeaways" for Employers

In responding to the new coronavirus, 2019-nCoV, employers are advised to comport with the following recommended practices…

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources for Employers

COVID-19 poses particular concerns for employers for several reasons, beyond the obvious need to protect employees who may be at risk and the need to address employee concerns

SBA Providing Disaster Assistance Loans
for Small Businesses Impacted by Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The SBA is working directly with state Governors to provide targeted, low-interest loans to small businesses and non-profits that have been severely impacted by the Coronavirus (COVID-19). The SBA’s Economic Injury Disaster Loan program provides small businesses with working capital loans of up to $2 million that can provide vital economic support to small businesses to help overcome the temporary loss of revenue they are experiencing. Small business owners in many states are now eligible to apply.

Past Events


added by goNetcong @ January 9, 2023
event starts: January 19, 2023 10:00 am
event ends: January 19, 2023 11:00 am

Learn how funding from SDA’s Rural Business Development Grand program (RBDG) can help small businesses succeed and increase employment in your community!

read more…

COVID-19 & Flu vaccine clinic

added by goNetcong @ November 19, 2022
event starts: November 29, 2022 10:00 am
event ends: November 29, 2022 11:30 am

Thursday November 29th 10:00 AM-11:30 AM @ Netcong Municipal Building. Primary series and booster doses available for ages 12 and up, and flu vaccine available for ages 18 and over

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Situated at an ideal resting point between New York City and the Pennsylvania border, Netcong is the perfect place on the Route 80 corridor and state routes 4, 183 and 206 to stop for food fuel and fun. The welcoming, quintessentially American small-town offers an abundance of en route amenities and services for visitors and residents alike.

Take a break and fuel up with enough gasoline for a weekend in the Poconos and back. The three filling stations located within the town’s 1-square-mile radius typically offer prices at or below the current average in the state. — Netcong is known as the lowest-cost fuel stop you can make anywhere on Route 80 between Manhattan and the Poconos.

Stopped in your tracks by car trouble? Head for the convenient Family Care Car Center in town on Maple Avenue, or Alternative Auto on Allen Street.

Netcong Offers Year-Round Stop-In Attractions

for drivers rushing from point A to point B to destress and break the monotony

Tradition, Tradition!

Founded in 1894, Netcong took its name from the “Musconetcong” River — meaning “grass creek,” “swamp stream,” “rapid stream” or “clear stream place” in the language of the Delaware River Lenape Native Americans who lived in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and parts of New York State from time immemorial through the 1700s. The Lenape were known for a strong sense of tradition and peaceful ways, which typify Netcong today, along with a canal lock and tow path from the old Morris Canal that are still visible on the shore of the lake.

As a welcoming walking town and the home of many multi-generation households that fan out from scenic Lake Muscanetcong, Netcong offers home-style living at it simplest and best.

Borough-sponsored come-together community events span the entire year, with Netcong Day marking the passage from summer to fall in early September.

Netcong Borough

Nestled in the mountains of Morris County, the Borough of Netcong is a small town with a bustling Main Street and nearby Lake Musconetcong.

Netcong Community Partnership

Located in Netcong, New Jersey, the NCP provides key resources and tools for local businesses in the community.