Netcong Community Partnership (NCP) is the management company designated by the Mayor and Council to manage the Special Improvement District (SID) of Netcong. The NCP is responsible for the revitalization and general upkeep of the borough’s business district. Business owners realized they could do more cooperatively than they could do independently – to provide more centralized marketing, promotions, and coordination of efforts.

Netcong Community Partnership is a Public Private Partnership working in conjunction with the Boro and other key stakeholders to provide an attractive business climate.

Established in 2001, the NCP is led by an 9-member board and is funded through a special assessment on commercial properties in the District. If you are thinking about doing business in our wonderful town, contact us at or (973) 347-0252 (x113) to learn about the amazing and economically sound opportunities that abound in Netcong.

Our Mission: The Netcong Community Partnership will attract, retain, and promote businesses in order to add to the quality of life and economic vitality of Netcong.

For more information about the NCP’s goals and tasks for 2014 through 2015, see the Netcong Community Partnership Action Plan.

Board of Trustees

Executive Committee

Stephen Fredricks

Executive Director
at The Growing Stage


Vice President

Leigh Ann Von Hagen

& Resident Appointee

Joanne Hartland

Treasurer Pro Tem


Joe Nametko

Netcong Mayor

Robert Hathaway


Dr. Winfred Ginter

Property and Business Owner

Marty Pisano

President, MediaNow inc.

Michael Downing

Netcong Village Florist

Rob Perretti

Owner, The Pantry

Executive Director


Website Credits

Marty Pisano

Project Manager / Photography

Katherine Olstein


Arek Mateusiak

Web Developer / Designer

Leigh Ann Von Hagen

Editor / Archivist

Joe Nametko

Lead Photography / Archivist

Stephen Fredricks